Yearly Programme

Public Awareness and Advocacy Program on TB and HIV/AIDS:

Commemoration of:

  • World TB Day and World AIDS Day
  • Celebration of SAARC Charter Day
  • Partnership Program with –
  • School and Media in Afghanistan
  • School Teacher in Bhutan
  • School and Media in Maldives
  • School (teacher/students), Media, Medical Colleges and NGOs in Nepal
  • Industries in Sri Lanka
  • Media involvement / mobilization activities
  • SAARC Workshop on involvement of Media – Bangladesh, India, Pakistan
  • Participation in International / Regional Meetings, Seminars, Conferences,
  • Participation in NTP and NACP review in Member Countries.

Production of STAC Publications:

  • STAC Newsletter
  • SAARC Journal of TB, Lung Diseases and HIV/AIDS
  • SAARC epidemiological yearly reports (updates) on TB, HIV/AIDS including TB/HIV co-infection
  • History of HIV/AIDS in the SAARC Region
  • Annual Report of STAC
  • World TB Day and World AIDS Day Report
  • Guidelines for Partnership program with Industry, Travel Agency and Manpower Agency
  • Awareness and advocacy materials (stickers on HIV/AIDS, calendar, brochures etc.)

Distribution of STAC Publication

  • Strengthening of STAC Library and updating of website:
  • Purchase/subscription of books and journals
  • Updating of Audio Visual materials in Library
  • Dissemination of information on TB & HIV/AIDS by updating STAC website

Other Programs

  • SAARC Regional Training of Trainers on Management of Drug Resistant TB (DOTS Plus)
  • SAARC Regional Workshop to develop/strengthen mechanism for cross – border activities in controlling TB and HIV/AIDS
  • SAARC Regional consultative and strategic planning meeting of HIV/AIDS program managers
  • SAARC Regional Meeting of Managers of NTP and NACP from SAARC Member States & SAARC Meeting for the Group of Experts of Electronic and Print Media to develop the mechanism/link to utilize the facility for dissemination of information, education and communication (IEC) information/materials on TB and HIV/AIDS in the region.
  • SAARC Regional Training on Leadership and Strategic Management in TB and HIV/AIDS control.
  • SAARC Regional Training of Trainers (ToT) on QA in Sputum Microscopy.
  • Preparatory works for the SAARC second conference on TB, HIV/AIDS & Respiratory Diseases to be organized in Kathmandu in 2008.
  • Carryout situation analysis of TB and HIV/AIDS control program and laboratory activities in Afghanistan and Pakistan.
  • Community based risk behavior study on HIV/AIDS targeting women in Nepal.
  • Quality Assurance of Sputum Microscopy in Private Labs in Dhaka
  • HIV prevalence in TB patients in Afghanistan and Bhutan
  • Third SAARC Regional Workshop on TB/HIV co-infection (follow up of second workshop)
  • Second Workshop to develop regional guidelines for treatment of MDR TB & third meeting of Laboratory Directors from 9 Reference Labs in SAARC Region.
  • Fourth Round External Proficiency Testing in 9 Reference Laboratories.
  • Chemical and other materials to develop culture and sensitivity test, AFB test and regular activity at the STAC reference lab.
  • Strengthening of SAARC regional epidemiological networking for TB and HIV/AIDS data management.
  • Acceptability of HIV testing by TB patients in the Member States.
  • Identify the ways and means of collaboration between TB and HIV/AIDS programs to find out the challenges in implementation and suggest solution in Member States.

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