Partnership Programmes to spread the awareness on TB and HIV/AIDS:

STAC has been supplementing to Member States in their efforts by taking initiative to develop partnership and/or strengthening partnership with various stakeholders by organizing partnership programmes with Schools (students/teachers), Media (print/electronic), Industry, Private Practitioner, Medical / Nursing College, Manpower Agencies and Travel Agencies. Guidelines for partnership Programmes have been published TB and HIV/AIDS are serious public health problem in the Region. It is estimated that the next three to five years, 20 to 25 percent of TB cases in some part of the Region would be directly attributed to HIV. In spit of many landmark technical discoveries and long years of partially successful NTPs we could not be able to make a dent in the problem of TB and HIV/AIDS. The STAC has initiated efforts to strengthen community participation by involving new partners since 2000.

STAC has published the guidelines for following partnerships:

  • Partnership with Students (schools/colleges),
  • Partnership with Media
  • Partnership with Pharmacists/Druggists,
  • Partnership with Medical Colleges/Private Sectors
  • Partnership with Industry workers.
  • Partnership with Manpower Agency/Travel Agency

STAC organizes Partnership Programme every year on the occasion of World TB Day and World AIDS Day.

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