SAARC Tuberculosis and HIV/AIDS Centre (STAC)


Through this medium, TB and HIV/AIDS control programme managers could produce relevant, important and effective material to help National TB Control Programmes as well as National AIDS Control Programmes.

  • Piloting the SAARC Regional Pediatric Tuberculosis Guidelines and Training of the Trainers (ToT) Manual, 5-6 Sept. 2016, Kathmandu, Nepal
  • Three-day SAARC Regional Workshop on Experiences and Best Practices on Paediatric TB/TB-diabetes held in Colombo, Sri Lanka from 14 to 16  July 2014
  • Workshop between STAC Library and Library of Kathmandu Valley based Hospitals and Medical Colleges in Nepal, held at STAC, Thimi, Bhaktapur Dec. 2011
  • SAARC Regional Workshop for Development of Regionally Relevant Research Protocol on TB & HIV/AIDS for SAARC Member States, held in Jaipur, India Dec. 2010.
  • Regional Workshop for development of Research Protocol for 2009 and observation TB/HIV coordination mechanism, Pune, India – May 2008.
  • Workshop on Involvement of Media for Public Awareness and Advocacy on TB & HIV/AIDS, Islamabad – Dec. 2007
  • SAARC Regional Workshop on development of Strategic Mechanisms for Cross Border Activities in control of TB and HIV/AIDS, New Delhi, Sept. 2007
  • Third regional Workshop on TB/HIV co-infection, Bangalore, India Sept. 2007
  • Second Workshop to Develop Regional Guidelines for Treatment of MDR TB, Paro, Aug. 2007
  • Regional Workshop to revise regional guidelines for QA, Colombo – Oct. 2006
  • Regional Second Workshop on TB/HIV Co-infection to identify Research Areas & to Develop Research Protocol on the Identified Areas to TB/HIV Pilot Project Site, Pune – 2005
  • SAARC Regional Second Workshop on TB/HIV Co-infection to identify research area and to develop research protocol on identified areas and to visit TB/HIV pilot project sites by the participants – Dec – 2005
  • Regional Workshop to Develop Protocol for QA on Culture and DST in National TB Reference Lab. July 2005
  • Regional Workshop for Laboratory Supervisors on Quality Assurance in Sputum Microscopy Islamabad, Pakistan – August, 2004
  • Regional Workshop on TB Drug Management and to Develop Regional Guidelines for Treatment of MDR-TB, Kathmandu, Nepal – July 2004
  • Regional Workshop on TB/HIV co-infection and Fixed Dose Combinations in TB Treatment Regimen/Protocol – July 2004
  • Workshop to Develop SAARC Regional TB, HIV/AIDS & TB/HIV Co-infection strategy under SAARC-Canada Regional TB & HIV/AIDS Project – Oct. 2003.
  • Regional workshop of Nodal Officers of Member Countries under SAARC-Canada Regional TB & HIV/AIDS Project – July 2003.
  • Development of research protocol related to operational research – May 2002.
  • Preparation of Strategic Long-term plan of STC for TB and HIV/AIDS control in the Region – November 2001.
  • Operational Research for TB Control in Member Countries – December 2000.
  • SAARC-CIDA Workshop on HIV/AIDS/TB Control – March 1999.
  • Relating to Research on TB and HIV/AIDS in Member Countries – October 1997.
  • Formulation of Guidelines for Coordination in Government and Private/NGO Sector Initiatives of TB Control – 1997.
  • Preparation of Health Education Materials to fulfill the need of the Member Countries – 1995.

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