WHO Collaborating Centre

SAARC TB and HIV/AIDS Centre as WHO Collaborating Centre

A Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between SAARC and WHO/SEARO was signed on 23 August 2000 to work collectively for TB & HIV/AIDS and to continue active collaboration with WHO and SAARC TB Centre. Subsequently WHO re-designated SAARC TB Centre (now SAARC TB and HIV/AIDS Centre) as WHO Collaborating Centre uptill 16 May 2018 with the following terms and reference:

Terms of Reference:

  1. To support Human Resource Development and Capacity Building through training of health personnel on priority interventions for control of TB & HIV/AIDS.
  2. To assist in Operational Research/ Research on innovative ways to implement strategies and interventions for new areas and evolving priorities, such as addressing TB/HIV, universal access to ART, surveillance and cross-border disease control.
  3. To collaborate as a Resource Centre through maintaining a database of available training and technical materials, ongoing research, and technical expertise for TB and HIV/AIDS available in the Region.
  4. To provide Technical and Operational Assistance for better implementation of TB and HIV control activities in Member Countries including advocacy at SAARC Regional Forums.

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