Meetings on different technical issues of the TB and HIV/AIDS control programmes, its planning and policies, technical information regarding TB control and HIV/AIDS prevention are organized to take consensus decision. The Centre had organized following meetings on related areas.


    • SAARC Regional Meeting of Programme Managers on TB and HIV/AIDS Control and Heads of National TB Reference Laboratories, Sept. Kathmandu, 2015
    • SAARC Regional Meeting of the Programme Managers of National TB and HIV/AIDS Control Programmes of Member States, Thimphu, Dec. 2014
    • Expert Group Meeting to Finalize, SAARC Regional Strategy on HIV/AIDS (2013-2017), held in Thimphu, 2013
    • Expert Group Meeting of TB Programme Managers, held in Kathmandu – 2012
    • Consultative Meeting of Programme Managers of HIV/AIDS to Develop SAARC Regional Strategy on HIV/AIDS (2012-2016) held in Pakistan – 2012
    • Meeting of National TB & HI/AIDS Control Programme Managers and Mechanism to Tackle Cross Border Collaboration, held in Sri Lanka – 2010
    • Meeting of the Programme Managers of NTPs and NACPs of SAARC Member States held in Maldives – 2009
    • Meeting of Regional TB and HIV/AIDS Program Managers of the Member States, Maldives – May 2008
    • Meeting of Group of Experts of Electronic & Print Media, Kathmandu – Dec. 2007
    • Reional Meeting of Managers of NTP & NACP from SAARC Member States, Kathmandu Dec. 2007
    • Third Meeting of Lab Directors of 9 Reference Lbs, Paro – Aug. 2007
    • Regional Consultative & Strategic Planning Meeting of HIV/AIDS Program Managers, Male, Maldives 2007
    • Meeting of Managers of NTP from SAARC Member State, Male, Maldives Sept. 2006
    • Second Joint SAARC-UNAIDS Expert Meeting to develop a SAARC Regional Strategy on HIV/AIDS, Dhaka – April 2006
    • Joint SAARC-UNAIDS Regional Expert Meeting to develop a SAARC Regional Strategy on HIV/AIDS in Dhaka, 4-6 April 2005.
    • SAARC Regional Meeting of Directors of National TB Reference Lab. Dec. 2003
    • SAARC Consultative Meeting for TB & HIV/AIDS Programme Managers – Nov. 2002
    • Meeting of Heads/Directors of the National TB Reference Lab. of SAARC Member Countries under SAARC-Canada Regional TB & HIV/AIDS Project – Nov. 2002
    • Formulate guidelines for Migratory Population for TB and HIV/AIDS Control in SAARC Countries – August 2001.
    • SAARC-WHO inter-country meeting on cross border initiatives in HIV/AIDS, TB, Malaria and Kala-azar – March 2001.
    • SAARC-WHO meeting of potential consultants in TB control- January 2001.
    • Standardizing Training Curriculum and Workshop on Operational Research Related to TB Control in SAARC Countries – November 2000.
    • Formulation of Urban TB Control Programme -October 1999.
    • TB Programme Managers – December 1998.
    • Tuberculosis Experts for Compilation of TB Control training Manuals for Member Countries – June 1997.
    • Consultative Meeting on TB & HIV/AIDS – September 1996.


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