Burden of HIV/AIDS in SAARC

Burden of HIV/AIDS in the SAARC Region

HIV epidemic in SAARC region is also a collection of diverse epidemics in countries, provinces & districts. HIV/AIDS continues to be a major public health problem in the SAARC Region. All eight Member States of the SAARC region are designated as low prevalence countries. On the basis of latest available information this region is home for an estimated number of 2.20 million HIV infected people and 1.53 lakh AIDS deaths in 2013. Table 02 shows the estimated number of People Living with HIV (PLHIV) in eight Member States of the SAARC Region in the year 2013. Three countries, namely India, Nepal and Pakistan account for majority of the regional burden. The first HIV infected persons were diagnosed in 1986 in India and Pakistan. By 1993, all SAARC Member States had reported the existence of HIV infection in their countries. (For detail click the download given below)


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